RTD Tango Trader

Combined Algorithmic and Manual Trading Front-end

RTD Tango Trader® combines the best of breed from high and low touch trading into one front-end, combined with an  analytical charting package.

  • Canned algo strategies (VWAP, TWAP and more)
  • Custom algos easily exposed to groups
  • Advanced spreading
  • Cross asset
  • Vertical dartboard, market depth and Spread Matrix
  • Comprehensive pre-trade risk controls
  • Integrated algo order book to manage trades
  • Integrated charts with more than 30 customizable analytical indicators
  • White label and multi-language capabilities
  • Integrated newsfeed from major service bureaus

Tango Trader unifies capabilities of both low touch and high touch trading into a single interface allowing users to maximize screen real-estate and streamline trade efficiency. 

Users can rapidly develop, deploy and manage custom algorithms and cross exchange spread strategies, while simultaneously having access to real time charting, analytics and traditional click trading tools resulting is a complete trading solution.

RTD Tango Trader® Software Review 2010