Trading Solutions

Make the Most of Microsecond Opportunities

Profitability increasingly depends on the successful combination of low latency execution, rapid deployment of strategies and the ability to quickly access new markets. At RTS, we pair these with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a seamlessly integrated risk management system.

RTD Trader


Sophisticated Lightweight ManualTrading Front-end

Sophisticated yet simple, RTD Trader makes it easy to manage your trades with a simple Drag & Drop feature. An optional upgrade to algorithmic trading (RTD Tango Trader) and white label capabilities makes this font-end flexible and functional for professional traders.

RTD Tango

Ultra-low Latency Algorithmic Solution

High frequency and algorithmic traders place the highest priority on speed, reliability and time to time market. RTD Tango is multi-asset, multi-exchange solution which allows you to build, implement, monitor and manage thousands of strategies from a single application.

RTD Tango Trader

Combined Algorithmic and Manual Trading Trading Front-end

RTD Tango Trader is deigned to leverage firms' existing infrastructure and enable brokers and traders to benefit from customized algorithm. Powered by low-latency back-end technology of RTD Tango, this solution fully integrated into the high-performance RTS infrastructure

Functionality Rich Trading Front-end

RTD Realtime Trading Desktop enables users to trade a variety of products and asset classes from one single screen. Features such as RTD Quote Machine®, RTD Electric Eye® and RTD Basket Trader® make this front-end uniquely suited for your trading needs


 Develop Custom Application with Open APIs

Proprietary and FIX APIs with full trading functionality provide a single point of access to markets worldwide. An open architecture for full integration possible and allows rapid access to RTS' connectivity cloud.

Global Reach

When combined with any of our Trading Solutions, RTS' robust connectivity provides high-performance access to the world’s leading markets, empowering users to trade across all asset classes from one trading screen.

150+ exchanges and execution venues worldwide.
90+ venues in our global data center network.