Hosting Solutions

Fully Managed Hosting on RTS Infrastructure

90+ exchanges hosted in our global data center network

    • Focus on Trading as your core business
    • Deploy solution more rapidly to improve time to market
    • Achieve cost savings with minimal infrastructure requirements
    • Reduce risk with fully redundant set-ups for disaster recovery & business continuity
    • Access all major exchanges through our Global Network
    • Minimize network latency and improve execution with locally run software
    • Enjoy flexibility to trade from any location using remote desktop technology
    • Access markets without memberships with our DMA model
    • Manage your exposure with integrated pre-trade risk controls

RTS Global Data Center

The RTS Global Network represents connectivity and hosting through our worldwide data centers. For a full list of connected and hosted exchanges, click here.

Key Advantages

  • Fully optimized customer environments
  • Complete offering minimizing expenditure
  • Highly scalable to users in global destinations
  • Sophisticated performance monitoring tools
  • Ideal set-up for algo trading
  • Managed, maintained and supported by local RTS experts
  • One-stop-shop solution for all trading needs