Hedge Funds & Asset Managers

Hedge Funds

In the highly competitive hedge fund industry, full automation and end-to-end solutions to access markets across asset classes are crucial. Hedge Funds are also faced with the challenge of assessing risk across asset classes. Cost efficient solutions including quant tools for optimization, back-testing and portfolio trading are as important as the flexibility to integrate third party solutions. Deploying truly customizable – broker neutral - algos is an integral part of success.

RTS Key Advantages

  • Global Reach, including native and FIX Access
  • Event-based and quant trading solutions
  • Pre-defined, customizable strategies
  • Full service 24/7 Support
  • Multi broker neutral solutions

Asset Managers

Asset Managers have very particular needs and high demands in regards to best execution, requiring access to a variety of brokers, exchanges and other trading venues. Global market access across multiple asset classes and seamless integration into existing infrastructure remain a challenge for both financial and human resources. Deployment of sophisticated execution algorithms including TWAP, VWAP and SOR and key, but also the ability to customize these to the individual needs.

RTS Key Advantages

  • Access to multiple brokers & clearers
  • Customizable execution algorithms (including TWAP, VWAP, SOR)
  • Global (FIX) connectivity
  • End-to-end Solution HW, SW, network
  • Quantitative trading tools
  • Market data management and access