Webinar Recording: Quant & Technical Power Trading, Leveraging Cutting Edge Tools for Profit

Jul 18, 2012

 Watch Webinar Recording: Quant & Technical Power Trading, Leveraging Cutting Edge Tools for Profit

Watch the August 1, 2012 webinar where a panel of distinguished experts discussed Quantitative and Technical trading. Our panel will offer views on trading opportunities and how to best optimize your strategies in today’s markets. They also discuss newest trends, challenges and opportunities in quant and technical trading offering answers to pertinent questions that drive automated trading. The audience will have an opportunity to interact with each panelist in a live Q&A session.
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Philip York
is a Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Alt224 group of companies, a specialist advisor in the Pure Alpha space.

Weng Cheah
is the Principal consultant and Managing Director for XinFin, a consulting firm specializing in trading Asian capital markets.

Yann Sénécheau
is Company Product Owner at RTS Realtime Systems, responsible for RTD Tango QUANT.

Jim McGarvey
(moderator) is Team Lead for RTS' Solutions Management.


Relationship between Quantitative Trading and Technical Analysis

Top must-have technologies for today’s quantitative trader

Using Technical Analysis in the most beneficial way and evolving nature
Uncovering Trading Opportunities

Using Technical Analysis and putting strategy components together

Functional elements of successful strategies

Live examples based on a simple RSI strategy
Optimizing Your Strategies

Choosing the right optimization technique

The power of Genetic Algorithms

Challenges related to strategy robustness and over-curve fitting; benefits of Walk Forward Optimization

Quantitative research and trading groups are often vulnerable to possible errors in the code translation as well as delays that can render a winning strategy obsolete before it goes into production. RTS’ newest trading software, RTD Tango QUANT, overcomes these challenges. It allows traders to manage the whole strategy life cycle within one integrated platform and also automate execution across a range of asset classes and markets on multiple continents…more information on RTD Tango QUANT