Tapping the RTS Global Data Center Network

Mar 30, 2012

More and more clients are turning to RTS to leverage the firm’s infrastructure and rapidly gain ultra-low latency access to multiple markets across the world, without investing the time and resources to build and maintain these connections on their own.

RTS has recently strengthened its global data center network with new state-of-the-art proximity hosting and co-location facilities in Singapore and Mumbai. Now with data centers in six major financial centers on three continents, RTS offers clients complete hosting services for more than 65 exchanges across multiple asset classes.

RTS Global Network 

The RTS Global Network represents connectivity and hosting through the firm’s data centers worldwide. All major exchanges and execution venues can be accessed through this network - select exchanges are shown below.

The global data center network enables clients to benefit from robust RTS cloud services that include:

  • Global, Ultra-low Latency Exchange Connectivity and Co-location
  • Direct Market Access (DMA) and Sponsored Market Access (SMA)
  • Hardware Hosting
  • Maintenance of Operating Systems, Exchange Gateways, Exchange Upgrades
  • Network / RTS Software Operation & Monitoring
  • Performance Measurement & Tuning
  • Day-to-day System Operation
  • 24-hour Global Support
  • On-demand Service Offering
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